"Their hooks and builds tend to be light and playful but the drops hit like a train!" - 303 Magazine”

303 Magazine (12.5.18)

"Since Spectacle’s formation just under a year ago they’ve accumulated a large (and rapidly growing) fanbase throughout Colorado. They’ve managed to create quite a buzz surrounding their one of a kind, gripping performances and a soundscape that spans from classical to jazz with a tropical twist. Spectacle shows consistently bring something fresh and exciting for the crowd because they’re always looking to experiment with their sound. Which is why this pairing couldn’t be more perfect."

Katie LoVaglio - The Musies (11.19.17)



In the winter of 2015, a striking new voice formed in the heart of Denver’s electronic music scene. Spectacle's orchestral instrumentation (violin, percussion, guitar) quickly made the trio stand out amongst the crowd; each performance being an experience that is refreshingly original. Hard hitting drops, alongside afro-cuban percussion make for an irresistible groove and a heady tropical soundscape. Beautiful soaring violin melodies, and deep rhythmic bass synth lines drive each musical passage through every member of the audience. Band members Michael Mahan, Jessica Borth, and Rob Brandon work in unity gripping the crowd for a show that is both mesmerizing and captivating from start to finish. Spectacle brings their audience through an innovative and dynamic journey show after show after show.. 

Brand Abstract 

The Spectacle Trio’s unique instrumentation brings a multi-dimensional sound not typically heard in the electronic music scene.  Spectacle breaks the mold of traditional EDM by incorporating Jazz, Funk, Classical, Afro-Cuban beats, and live instrumentation performance into an intricate masterpiece of harmonic styles and landscapes. The Trio, most commonly described as refreshing and exciting, offers its audience a new hybrid of genres that span all ages. 

Spectacle has a refreshing twist on electronic music, and successfully incorporates different elements such as violin and melodica creating an innovative and eclectic sound.

Sydney Atkin - Daily Beat (11.30.16)


  • UPCOMING HEADLINER - 1.10.19, Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO

  • 11.2.18 - Morrison Mansion, Dreamers Delight (SOLD OUT), Morrison, CO

  • 9.2.18 - LOCALE MUSIC FESTIVAL Boulder, CO

  • 8.25.18 - COMPOUND MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018, WY

  • 8.22.18 Cervantes Otherside - Denver, CO

  • 8.3.18 ARISE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018, CO


  • 5.12.18 Spread The Word Music Festival - Denver, CO

  • 4.12.18 Fox Theatre (Brasstracks) - Boulder, CO

  • 4.4.18 Cervantes Otherside - Denver, CO

  • 12.30.17 The Gothic Theatre (Boom Box) - Denver, CO

  • 11.17.17 The Fox Theatre, So Down (SOLD OUT) - Boulder, CO

  • 10.26.17 HEADLINER Ophelia's Electric Soapbox (Anomalie) - Denver, CO

  • 9.22.17 The Fox Theatre (SOLD OUT) - Boulder, CO

  • 9.14.17 Kung Fu Necktie - Philly, PA

  • 9.11.17 Wonder Bar - Boston, MA

  • 9.9.17 Pacific Standard Tavern - New Haven, CT

  • 9.8.17 The Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY

  • 9.6.17 Wonder Bar - Boston, MA

  • 9.3.17 Electric Haze - Worcester, MA

  • 9.1.17 Club Metronome - Burlington, VT

  • 8.31.17 Jewel Nightclub - Manchester, NH

  • 7.29.17 HEADLINER The Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO

  • 5.6.17 Cervantes Otherside - Denver, CO

  • 4.9.17 Cervantes Otherside - Denver, CO

  • 3.8.17 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (DJ Set) - Denver, CO

  • 2.13.17 Ophelia's Electric Soapbox (DJ Set) - Denver, CO

  • 1.6.17 The Bluebird Theater (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • 11.25.16-11.26.16 Lotus & Spectacle 2-Night run in NYC, PlayStation Theater

  • 11.20.16 Penuches - Manchester, NH

  • 11.19.16 Arias Lounge - Providence, RI

  • 11.17.16 Pacific Standard Tavern - New Haven, CT

  • 11.16.16 Electric Haze - Worcester, MA

  • 11.15.16 Wonder Bar - Boston, MA

  • 10.28.16 HEADLINER Ophelia's Electric Soapbox - Denver, CO

  • 9.2.2016 The Fox Theatre (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • Arise Music Festival 2016

  • 5.18.16 Cervantes Otherside (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • 2.12.16 Cervantes Otherside (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • 1.8.16 The Bluebird Theater (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • 10.30.15 The Armory (SOLD OUT) - Denver, CO

  • Arise Music Festival 2015

  • 2.13.15 Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom - Denver, CO